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Offset your carbon footprint - drive a Scooter!

We are ABSOLUTELY Your preferred Dealer for quality Scooters and supplies!

If you are looking for an onroad scooter or a recreational scooter, we have many to choose from. Celebrating our 5th season in the scooter business we are offering deals like never before, stop by and see what we have to offer! In addition to our powersports scooters, we have a complete line of helmets, battery chargers, and accessories for your ride. We are located in downtown Elgin, Illinois, a northwest Chicago suburb, south of Dundee, north of St. Charles, about 1 mile from the Grand Victoria Riverboat.

Our street legal scooters come in 50cc(actually 49 cc to conform to moped laws), 150cc(air cooled), and 250cc-260cc(liquid cooled). From the Urban Econo to the Touring DE all of our 4-stroke quality scooters are built to last and come with a warranty in the top of their class. We have scooters that can do 65 Miles per Hour(MPH) plus and some get 100+ miles to the gallon (MPG). The Gas savings alone will pay for the scooter in a season, but not only that, it is the green thing to do. By using less fuel, you are making less ozone destructive byproducts and also reducing our demand on foreign oil. Park the SUV and get yourself a scooter!

Despite Tank Sports filing for Bankruptcy, if you own a TankSports vehicle and need parts we can sell them to you. From transmission parts, to motors & engine parts, to electrical components, batteries and body parts, we stock many of them and can get them all. Many of our onroad Tank-Sports scooter parts are available ONLINE through the parts link to the left, with more models being added every month. We service, repair & stock scooter parts for almost all Tank-Sports products, along with other brand Chinese scooters (like Schwinn, Goldenvale-Roketa, BMS, SunL, NST, Xtreme, Redcat, Xingyue, Bandit, Lance, Shanghai JMstar, Jonway, Chaunl, Shenke) and even Honda.

We ship Chinese scooter parts to Georgia & Florida to Maine to Alaska, Hawaii, California & Arizona. As a scooter part warehouse in the Midwest, we are in the center of the US, meaning our parts can get to you quicker no matter where you are in the country. Why wait for a part from the opposite coast when you can order from a centralized location. When you need parts for scooters, count on us to get scooter parts direct to you.

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Lake in the Hills, IL Scooter Sales, Parts and Service

Scooter Parts

Our scooter shop resides at 450 Airport Rd Suite 904 in Elgin, IL and we still service scooters and sell parts for them. From Batavia to Wauconda, Chicago to Dekalb/Sycamore we have Northeast Illinois and the Northwest suburbs covered for your scooter needs.

This site was recently completed, but will have upgrades being done continuously. Our main focus was to organize our parts listings in more specific categories, provide a more user friendly shopping cart and checkout process. We have also developed a more efficient method of communicating with you the buyer before delivery and after the sale. Our TouringDE body parts are currently available with other models being added soon.

As usual we have Chinese scooter parts for Roketa, Sunl, Tank-Sports, Schwinn, BMS, Baron, Wildfire, Chaunl, Kayman, Flat Squirrel, Znen, JmStar, Jonway, Lifan, Redstreak and many more scooters. We ship scooters parts to Georgia, Florida, California, Texas, Arizona and all 50 states, most US territories and many military bases. Being based in Illinois our scooter parts get to you fast as we are in the middle of the country.

Algonquin & Lake in the Hills, IL Scooter Sales, Parts and Service

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